Simulated Oil Spill Response Exercise Completed

 The Four-Day long Oil Spill Response Exercise, simulating an oil spill from the CG’s OPV off Dikovita was concluded on 7th December. This exercise involved 276 personnel including 10 Air Force personnel, SLCG Suraksha and 06 IPCs where all instruments in CG inventory were put to use to assess the CG capacity and capability to handle Oil Spills at open seas. On the morning of the final day, all sea-borne equipment was brought back to the storage site situated at the fisheries harbour in Dikovita. These were cleaned and securely transported back to the storage units at Dikovita under the supervision of relevant directorates. In the evening, an on-site de-brief was conducted to officially wind up the simulated exercise.  De-briefing analysed the exercise and identified potential of Sri Lanka Coast Guard to handle a similar situation and also identified areas needed to be improved. This exercise is one among many other exercises scheduled by Sri Lanka Coast Guard to enhance their capabilities and skills to provide optimum service to the country.