Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Honourable Mahinda Rajapaksa , after identifying the necessity of having a Coast Guard for Sri Lanka, submitted a cabinet paper to establish the institute. Having been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, SLCG commenced its activities under the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.



Seventy five personnel were recruited to SLCG as Officers, Sergeants and Mariners and construction of vessels for SLCG commenced   at Neil Marine and Ceynor Boat yards.



Lieutenant Commander CR Bulegoda Arachchi, a retired Naval Officer was appointed as the Head of SLCG by a cabinet paper approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on 01st August 2000.



Coast Guard Acts of Asian region were brought and the drafted SLCG act was submitted to the Department of Legal Draftsman.

Basic training of CG personnel commenced by SL Navy at SLNS Gemunu, Welisara
Professional training commenced at the Japanese Coast Guard Training Center in Tokyo, Japan.
Six vessels constructed and launching of vessels took place at the Fishery harbour, Beruwala presided by the Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa.
CGV Mahiraja - Search and Rescue operations.
CGV Ruhunu and CGV Maya - Fisheries protection in coastal areas.
CGV Kadira ,CGV Giruvaya and CGV Maagama - Harbour duties.


CGV Mahiraja being unveiled by Hon. Minister while Ambassadors of Iraq and Japan look on
Hon. Minister inspecting the Mariners

Minister of Fisheries Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa and Hon. Kumara Welgama, MP at the launching of Vessels in Beruwala
Late Deputy Minister of Fisheries Hon. Abdul Cadar onboard Mahiraja with her crew

Two multi-story buildings were constructed inside the Kudawella and Beruwala Fishery harbour premises for offices and accommodation.





Incumbent Government in the year 2002 decided to abolish the functioning of SLCG on 31st March 2002 and all assets and personnel were transferred to Coast Conservation Department.




After eradication of terrorism which prevailed last two decades in Sri Lanka HE the President Mahinda Rajapaksa being the Minister of Defence presented a cabinet paper with regards to the establishment of Department of Sri Lanka Coast Guard .Coast Guard Act. No 41 of 2009 was enacted by the parliament on 09th July 2009 and formed the present Sri Lanka Coast Guard.




Sri Lanka Coast Guard operational activities were ceremonially inaugurated on 4th March 2010.



Admiral Ruwan Dias assumes duties as Director General of SLCG

Rear Admiral Ruwan Dias assumed the office as new Director General of Coast Guard with effect from 07th December 2011.



The Coast Guard Turtle Conservation Project (CGTCP) launched

The Coast Guard Turtle Conservation Project (CGTCP) was launched in September, with the purpose of preserving and raising the awareness of sea turtle conservation in Sri Lanka. Further, Coast Guard action plan includes providing information related to turtle behavior (Nesting, hatchlings, feeding and mating) to those who are conducting researches on these endangered species. The CGTCP is located at Mirissa beach (adjoining Coast Guard Station Rohana) which is considered as one of the most suitable locations for turtle nesting.




Coast Guard Western Headquarters and SLCG Waruna declared open

Director General SL Coast Guard Rear Admiral Ruwan Dias declared open the Coast Guard Regional Headquarters, West and Coast Guard base SLCG Waruna at Modara harbour, Panadura on 23rd December. Both of these units had been functioning at Wellawatta prior to shifting to the current location.




New Coast Guard station at Wellawatta

Naval Deployment Colombo (South), Wellawatta was handed over to Director General, SL Coast Guard Rear Admiral Ruwan Dias by Deputy Area Commander of Western Naval Area, Commodore Sarath Dissanayake at a ceremonial function held on 01st Februay 2012.







Rear Admiral Ravindra C. Wjegunartne assumes duties as Director General of SLCG

Rear Admiral Ravindra C. Wijegunaratne assumed the office as new Director General of Coast Guard with effect from 08th January 2013.




Director General declares open Training Complex at Rohana

The Director General of the SLCG, Rear Admiral Ravindra C. Wijegunaratne declared open the newly constructed training complex in Rohana, Mirissa on 16th September 2013.






 Coast Guard Head Quarters Officers accomadation declared open

Latest addition to SLCG Rear Head Quarters, a fully pledged Officers' wardroom was ceremonially declared open adjacent to the existing wardroom on 11th May 2014.




Coast Guard station Oluvil Officers wardroom declared open

The newly constructed Wardroom of the Coast Guard station Oluvil was ceremoniously declared open on 06th October. The New Wardroom is expected to serve the Coast Guard officers who will be performing the Coast Guard operations in the eastern part of the country.