Sri Lanka Coast Guard Northern Region




          With the ceremonial establishment of the Sri Lanka Coast Guard (SLCG) in year 2010, the need to expand its activities in the Island was much felt. In keeping with the vision and the mission of the SLCG, a greater need was felt in arresting the situation that was developing related to the presence of foreign fishing vessels in Northern sea areas of Sri Lanka.

          Promptly reacting to this requirement, Northern Regional Headquarters was established at Kankasanthurai harbour on 05th May 2011. Several vessels were attached for maritime law enforcement activities such as; arresting illegal fishing, prevention of marine pollution,smuggling, counter piracy, narcotic operations and search and rescue operations.

          The Coast Guard Northern Region remains as one of the major operational region in the SLCG at present when comparing its cadre and fleet units. Further expansions are expected in the coming years related to fleet units, cadre and infrastructure in order to perform its duties as a fully-fledged professional unit.



SLCG Northern Fleet and Tasks


         The SLCG fleet in the Northern Region at present holds largest number of fleet units of the SLCG. At present vessels of different categories such as Fast Patrol Craft, Coastal Patrol Craft and Inshore Patrol Craft are attached to the region. The fleet units work in coordination with the Sri Lanka Navy’s Northern Naval Command and conducts patrolling effectively.


Organization Structure




Northern Fleet Organization


          Apart from above prime task, SLCG fleet units play a key role in assisting the naval authorities in conducting repatriation duties of both Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen. These repatriation tasks have provided a greater opportunity for the SLCG personnel to interact with the Indian counter parts and share experiences.


Performing Repatriation Duties
Sanitizing Seas off KKS Harbour
           In addition to above major tasks, the SLCG lends its fullest support to major events in the area where fleet units are required to be deployed along with the naval units. One such major event is the annual Saint Anthony’s feast at the Kachchathivu Island. In the recently concluded feast SLCG units actively participated in making the event a success by assisting and working in coordination and direct supervision of the naval authorities.



SLCG Northern Region Organization


          At present a Coast Guard Coordinator (North) has been appointed to by SLCG Headquarters to oversee the duties of the Regional Director Northern Region where he is responsible for conducting training, looking into the welfare matters of SLCG personnel and coordinating matters related to SLCG with the naval authority and SLCG Headquarters.

          A Squadron Commander for SLCG fleet units have also been appointed in order to assist the Regional Coordinator to effectively utilize the fleet units and to look after the welfare and other requirements of the fleet.