Day 3 Of Simulated Exercise Conduct A Vertical Replenishment

    Today, (6th of December, 2017) is the third day of the simulated exercise on Oil Spill Response which is being conducted off Dickovita.

     In the morning, IPC’s laid booms to arrest the spread of simulated oil spill from the OPV and practiced several manoeuvres for deployment of skimmers and booms. Furthermore, several VIP’s visited the scene, including the Director General Sri Lanka Coast Guard, Commander Western Naval Area, Director General Operation Sri Lanka Navy and the Chairman of MEPA (Marine Environment Protection Authority), to see these manoeuvres from the OPV at anchorage.

      Several on-board classes were conducted to improve awareness of the National Oil Spill Contingency Plan, Evidence collection techniques and the use of chemical. A VERTERP (Vertical Replenishment) was also carried out using a SLAF Helicopter simulating the supplies from Air using Helicopter Winch. The day also marks the end of at-sea-phase where all activities were tested at open sea using items in CG inventory. It was a revealing experience for all the personnel involved in the day’s activities which tested their application of theories learnt so far.