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            Law enforcement is one of the primary duties entrusted to Sri Lanka Coast Guard by the Coast Guard Act No. 41 of 2009. SLCG is responsible for Law enforcement in the coastal areas, the maritime zones of Sri Lanka and the high seas. Every Coast Guard officer of the Department shall be deemed to be a peace officer within the meaning and for the purposes, of the Code of Criminal Procedure Act No. 15 of 1979. Followings are the Law Enforcement duties of the SLCG.

          • Prevention of illegal fishing in the coastal areas of Sri Lanka.
          • Providing assistance to the Customs and other relevant authorities in counter smuggling operations and border management.
          • Prevention of illegal human trafficking.
          • Prevention of piracy.
          • Cooperating with the law enforcement agencies and armed forces by taking necessary measures for the suppression of destructive terrorist activities occurring in the maritime zones and the territorial waters of Sri Lanka.
          • Prevention of trans-boundary movement of narcotics by sea.
          • Providing security to maritime transportation and rending assistance to ensure navigational safety.