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         Being an island nation, Sri Lanka having an Exclusive Economic Zone which is seven times that of the land area. Sri Lanka sharing maritime borders with India and Maldives. The historical waters in Palk bay, Palk Strait and Gulf of Manner separated the Island nation from the Indian peninsula; further, these areas have divided between two counties by International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) after signing agreement. The historical waters in either side of the IMBL in Palk bay and Strait consider as internal waters of the respective country and in Manner bay as territorial waters.

         At present, Sri Lanka Coast Guard Fast Petrol Boats (FPB) have been deployed in Northern waters    to deter the poaching by fishing trawlers. The Sri Lankan Coast Guard does arresting of these poachers with their boats, and producing them to the courts through local police. Subsequently, on completion the court proceeding the repatriation process also undertake by the Sri Lanka Coast Guard. In same way Sri Lanka Coast Guard representing the Government of Sri Lanka and taking over the repatriated Sri Lankan fishermen by foreign authorities.