49 Sea Turtles leaves the protection of the Sri Lanka Coast Guard

The hatching of baby turtles is a much-awaited event in the ‘egg-enclave’ of the Coast Guard of Mirissa, Sri Lanka. Such was seen on last 27th September amidst a crowd of onlookers as these babies made their maiden way to the sea. On information received earlier, the Coast Guard transferred 148 eggs from Kamburupitiya (about 5 Km from Mirissa along the beach) to the Mirissa Life Saving Point and buried in this safe shelter until they are ready to hatch. This step was taken as sea turtle egg that lay unattended on the beaches constantly face threats by human activities.

These eggs were buried in a sand pit in the safe zone and were looked after through the incubation period of about 60 days. Final outcome of this effort brought smiles to the faces of every individual who made an effort to send back these amazing creatures to the sea. 49 baby turtles trotted back to the sea in a flock on 27th September 2017 under the watchful eyes of the Coast Guard personnel and a team of Instructors from the Life Saving Victoria (Australia) who just happened to be at site for a training programme.