Sl Coast Guard Saves Another Life At Unsafe Sea

Sri Lanka Coast Guard Life savers attached to Life Saving Point at Hikkaduwa in the South of the Sri Lanka, rescued a foreigner who was drowning at Hikkaduwa sea area on 07th April. The 58 years old Russian male victim had stepped into sea for bathing and were drowning and being dragged away by the prevailing sea current. With quick reaction into the incident, Coast Guard Lifesavers transferred the rescued person safely ashore and handed over to relatives.

2018-04-10 12:11:00

Indian Coast Guard Ship ‘Shoor’ On A Goodwill Visit To Colombo

Indian Coast Guard Ship ‘Shoor’ on a goodwill visit to Sri Lanka has arrived port of Colombo on 30th March 2018. Following the naval customs and traditions, ship was warmly welcomed by the Sri Lanka Navy and the Sri Lanka Coast Guard. Officials from the Indian High Commission of Sri Lanka, Navy and Coast Guard were in attendance at the port to welcome the ship.

2018-04-04 11:20:00

Two Drowning Persons Pulled From Hikkaduwa And Bentota Sea

Lifesavers of Sri Lanka Coast Guard attached to Lifesaving Points at Hikkaduwa and Bentota in the South of Sri Lanka, rescued another two locals who were drowning at sea on 31st March. The distressed persons, who were residents in Elpitiya and Gampaha, aged 20 and 32, had been swept out by the rough waves whilst bathing in this areas. The Coast Guard lifesaving team promptly responded to the emergency situation and safely brought them to shore.

2018-04-03 14:55:00

Arrested 10 Kgs Of Thresher Shark And 05 Nos Of Thresher Shark Pin

Coast Guard personnel deployed in Cod Bay fishing harbor for fishing monitoring arrested multiday fishing trawler named ‘Inokshi 07’ and 06 crew members along with 50 kgs of Ocean Thresher Shark and 05 No’s of Thresher Shark Pin on 31st March 2018. Arrested persons, illegal fishing catch and trawler handed over to the fisheries development officer Trincomalee for further investigations and legal actions.

2018-04-02 10:35:00

Arrested Dry Shark 07 Kgs And 08 Nos Of Shark Pin

Coast Guard personnel per Fishing Monitoring Duties at Cod Bay fishery harbour arrested 01 multiday fishing trawler named ‘Sujani - II’ and 01 crew member along with 07 kgs of Dry Shark and 08 nos of shark pin on 26th March 2018. Arrested persons, illegal fishing catch and trawler handed over to the fisheries development officer Trincomalee for further investigation and legal action.

2018-04-02 09:00:00

3rd International Maritime Law Enforcement Course Successfully Completed At Advanced Training Centre, (Atc) Mirissa

International Maritime Law Enforcement (IMLE) course was conducted at Sri Lanka Coast Guard (SLCG) Advanced Training Centre, Mirissa for the third time from 12th to 23rd March 2018. Whole event was coordinated by the United State Embassy of Sri Lanka and United State Coast Guard (USCG). Eight SLCG Officers participated for the course and four SLCG instructors conducted the training under the supervision of USCG training team.

2018-03-25 20:00:00

Coast Guard Arrest 05 Suspects With Illegal Drugs

Coast Guard Personnel attached to SLCG Rohana along with officers of Kotavila Police and National Medicine Regulatory Authority Carried out a raid and arrested 02 persons including a Pharmacist with illegal drugs on 22nd March 2018 at Matara bus Stand. After further interrogation of arrested persons, officers managed to arrest another 03 persons including another Pharmacist and a three-wheeler used for the business.

2018-03-24 10:00:00

An Amazing Act By Slcg Lifesavers At Hikkaduwa To Rescue Five Tourists

The Life Guards of Sri Lanka Coast Guard stationed in Hikkaduwa beach rescued five elderly tourists including four ladies who were drowning and being dragged away by the current at Hikkaduwa Sea on 18th March 2018. Victims are from Russia and Estonia. Hikkaduwa is one of the tourist’s attractive city in Southern part of Sri Lanka which is famous for sandy beaches and coral reefs. Coast Guard lifesavers are doing a remarkable job in Hikkaduwa beach to ensure safe beach to all tourists.

2018-03-22 12:00:00

Another Successful Rescue By Slcg Life Savers

Sri Lanka Coast Guard Life savers attached to Life Saving Point at Mount Lavinia, successfully rescued two persons who were drowning at Mount Lavinia sea area on 12th March. The two victims were 19 years old local boys from Nittabuwa and Veyangoda areas who had stepped into sea for bathing and swept out by the strong currents. Quickly reacting, Coast Guard Lifesavers went to the rescue of these two victims. After a successful attempt, the distressed persons were safely brought back ashore and handed over to their relatives.

2018-03-13 20:00:00

Slcg Rohana Celebrates 08th Anniversary Of Sri Lanka Coast Guard

A series of religious and CSR activities were conducted by SLCG Rohana in commemorating 8th anniversary of Sri Lanka Coast Guard under the patronage of Director General Sri Lanka Coast Guard, Rear Admiral GDAS Wimalathunge. The ship’s company of SLCG Rohana together with Coast Guard Headquarters had put much magnanimous efforts in organising alms giving for both Bhikkus and Elders’ Orphanage, Dhamma preaching and Shramadana at a temple and a mosque.

2018-03-12 10:00:00