Sri Lanka Coast Guard ensures the security, safety and serenity of the maritime environment whilst enforcing the law at sea. Sri Lanka Coast Guard is further committed towards the sustainable management and development of marines resources. SLCG extends its’ helpful hands to each and every living being who needs protection despite of any differentiation, whether they are human beings or any other part of mother nature. The concern we extend towards the safety of such an amazing creation of Mother Nature; the sea turtles, is evidence to the fact that not only human lives; the conservation of Mother Nature also matters to us.

        The sea turtle eggs, after having being laid in sand pits around the shores of Sri Lanka, constantly face threats from humans which results in a dark destiny for the baby turtles even before they are hatched. SLCG after identifying this situation launched a project to ensure the safety of turtle eggs until they are hatched and the baby turtles are ready to wade off to their forever home, the deep ocean.

        During the final quarter of 2017, SLCG personnel’s watchful eyes discovered such threatened 1613 eggs. These eggs were buried in life saving points at respective locations to give these baby turtle eggs protection until they are hatched. As a result of this worthy cause, 754 baby turtles waded back to sea, bringing happiness to each and every person’s heart who wholeheartedly contributed for the success of this project.

      Saying good bye to those sets of baby turtles and witnessing the value of that great cause, motivated SLCG persons to find out more and more such innocent living beings that needed help and to conserve their existence on earth. As a result of this, 2842 turtle eggs were found out so far in 2018. These eggs were securely stationed at lifesaving points of respective locations and provided with warmth and security until they are ready to feel the blue waves under their tiny fins and explore the secrets of Deep Ocean.

The summary of turtle eggs conserved, from final month of 2017 to date is as follows.

Date eggs were foundLocationNo of EggsDate Turtles  were releasedNo of Turtles
2017.11.16 Mirissa   137


Wellawatta   112 2018.1.31 110
2017.12.12 Mirissa   124 2018.2.7 83
2017.12.12 Moragolla   194 Awaiting  
Mirissa   253 2018.2.08 251
Mirissa   132 2018.1.13 73
Wellawatta   324 Awaiting  
Mirissa   119 2018.2.11 86
Wellawatta   109 Awaiting  
2017.12.29 Wellawatta   109 2018.2.11 98