A series of religious and CSR activities were conducted by SLCG Rohana in commemorating 8th anniversary of Sri Lanka Coast Guard under the patronage of Director General Sri Lanka Coast Guard, Rear Admiral GDAS Wimalathunge. The ship’s company of SLCG Rohana together with Coast Guard Headquarters had put much magnanimous efforts in organising alms giving for both Bhikkus and Elders’ Orphanage, Dhamma preaching and Shramadana at a temple and a mosque.  

1.           Offering Lunch for Elders’ Orphanage

               The annual alms-giving programme for “Karunarathna Elderly Home” Ovitigala was held on 06th March 2018 with the participation of SLCG personnel. A menu which is best suited for elderly personnel was prepared and offered including fruits and sweets. SLCG personnel were keenly helped elders and provided necessities to them making all elders feeling happy and relaxed.   

2.           Alms-giving for Buddhist Monks

               An alms-giving programme was conducted for 15 Buddhist monks at SLCG Rohana premises on 09th March 2018. Director Engineering and RDSR attended the function with other officers and sailors from CGHQ and SLCG Rohana. The monks participated from both Mirissa and Udupila temples were sauntered into the base by a colourful procession. At the end, religious blessings were invoked on Director General Sri Lanka Coast Guard and all members in the department. The event was conducted at higher note as a result of dedication and commitment of all officers and sailors.

3.           Shramadana at Mirissa Sri Sunandarama Viharaya

               Officers and men under the direction of RDSR conducted one day Shramadana at “Mirissa Sri Sunandarama” temple on 03rd March 2018 as a part of the series of events organised to commemorate Coast Guard Day. During this event, CG personnel cleaned all garbage within the temple premises and shred off unnecessary grass layers of the garden area and the main entrance. The efforts of coast guard personnel were highly praised by the Buddhist monks and general public in the area.

4.           Cleaning Programme at Jumma Mosque - Weligama

               A group of Coast Guard personnel from SLCG Rohana attended for a cleaning programme at the ‘Miraz Sai Jumma Mosque’ in Weligama on 06th March 2018, as an event related to the 8th Coast Guard Day. The Chief Priest of the mosque and Islam devotees praised the effort especially at a time when the community had concerning over the recent developments taken place in the central part of the country.  

5.           Dhamma Preachment

                  A Dhamma preaching ceremony was conducted marking the culmination of the series of religious events organised in view of the commemorating the 8th anniversary of Sri Lanka Coast Guard. Venerable Manirathana Thero from Weheragampita temple, Matara conducted the preaching session from 1900 hrs to 2000 hrs on 10th March 2018 at SLCG Rohana premises.  The venerable Thero elaborated Lord Buddha’s teachings under the topic of “How to nurture our life and perform the job effectively and efficiently”. Director Engineering with large number of officers and sailors from SLCG Rohana and CG HQ attended the occasion. It was highly praised by the Coast Guard personnel as it was a practical session for them to shape up their lives on correct path.