UNODC Global Maritime Crime Programme(GMCP) Senior Instructor Mr Craig Lunn paid a visit to the CGHQ Mirissa on 22nd March 2021. Purpose of the visit is to pin-down the final arrangements of the UNODC sponsored training courses to be commenced in later part of year 2021 at Advance Training Centre (ATC), Mirissa.

Fruitful discussions were held during the visit between Mr. Craig and Director General, Deputy Director General and other senior officers of the SLCG. It was focused to enhance the capabilities of SLCG in Maritime Law Enforcement aspects. Furthermore, it was also discussed to utilize the training facilities of ATC for the betterment of the regional law enforcement agencies.

Both parties agreed to enhance mutual cooperation for conducting training activities. Upgrading the human resources of SLCG to enhance the effectiveness of the law enforcement missions is the end result of this effort. Same will be beneficial for development of the capacity of friendly overseas law enforcement agencies who are working hand in hand with SLCG to prevent maritime crimes as a collective effort.