Practice of killing sharks to remove fins from the body of sharks has become attractive illegal practice and few of short-sighted fisherman are catching sharks only for tiny piece of fin and discarded body drops at sea. In Sri Lanka retaining, trans shipping, or landing the ‘parts of any shark species’ is an offence under the Shark Fisheries Management Regulations 2015 of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources act No 2 of 1996.

However, Sri Lanka Coast Guard (SLCG) made number of apprehensions on possessing harvested Shark Fins in Western costal area. SLCG personnel deployed on Beruwala Harbour fishery monitoring and regulating duties, have been arrested 17 fishermen of three Multiday Fishing Vessels possess with 3.5 Kg, 960 g and 650 g (total 5.11 Kg) of dried sharks’ fins respectively on 10th and 11th January 2022.

The arrested persons with apprehended items were handed over to Fishery Inspector Beruwala for onward legal actions and later produced at court.