A special operation conducted by the Navy in the high seas led to the seizure of over 290kg of heroin attempted to be smuggled into the island by Multi-day Fishing Vessel around 0230 hrs on 31 August 2021. SLCG assisted to the sea operation and search of the fishing vessel upon taken into the harbour.

During the search 259 parcels of 290 kilograms of heroin packed in 10 bags hidden in the Multi-day Fishing Vessel were recovered. Accordingly, the Multi-day Fishing Vessel and five suspects on board the vessel were arrested. The suspects, aged between 31 and 37, were identified as residents of Ahungalla, Balapitiya and Habaraduwa areas.

The seized Multi-day Fishing Vessel had left the country on July 30, 2021, and it is suspected that the consignment of narcotics transferred to the Fishing Vessel by foreign smugglers in the High Sea. It is believed that the street value of the seized stock of heroin is over Rs. 2,321 million.

This successful special anti-drug operation in the high seas conducted based on the information received from a coordinated intelligence operation led by Sri Lanka Navy Intelligence and other intelligence services. Further, Indian Coast Guard (ICG) provided information in accordance with the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ signed between SLCG and ICG for the cooperation of suppressing and preventing illegal trafficking of narcotics.