Beach Cleaning


For a small island like Sri Lanka, the coastal zone obviously forms a significant part of the landscape. Sri Lankan coastal line is characterized by a series of picturesque sandy bays, sand dunes, spits, rocky headlands, and sand beaches, lagoons, mangroves and estuaries are the other important coastal habitats that contribute considerably to the coastal livelihood. Therefore, the responsibility is liaised with every Sri Lankan to protect these values and to donate to the next generation.

Sri Lanka Coast Guard is contributing with its supreme level to protect beaches around the island. The Beach cleaning programme has been launched to create a clean environment in the coastal zone as a community service initiated by the SLCG. The daily and weekly beach cleaning programs have highly praise by both locals and foreigners who visit these beaches.

Meanwhile SLCG has understood the importance of awareness of the community regarding maintaining of clean marine environment. Presently it has become a one of major challengers related to environment pollution. Continues awareness programmes targeting different communities these who involve with the marine environment are conducted by the officials of SLCG to overcome theses challengers

Progress of beach cleaning and awareness programmes as per regions since january 2020

Southern Region 254 40
Western Region 53 09
Eastern Region 16 16
Northern Region 07 08

Total beach cleaning & awareness programmes conducted since january 2020

Beach Cleaning 330
Awareness Programme 73