Sri Lanka Coast Guard (SLCG) Advanced Training Centre (ATC) was established on 29th February 2016. Initially it was named as Training Office of SLCG Rohana and presently it is active under the ‘Training Directorate’ of SLCG. ATC is dedicated to design and provide advanced training to newly joined personnel to SLCG specially developing the skills related to perform duties on Search and Rescue (SAR), Prevention of unlawful acts at sea and Maritime environmental protection. Furthermore, ATC ensures the flow of knowledge transferring between Coast Guard personnel who had completed overseas training and other members serving in the organization. Many friendly foreign law enforcement agencies also use the training facilities available at ATC to conduct their modules as capacity building measures where SLCG personnel and members in regional law enforcement agencies are also benefitted.


‘Prepare best to perform better’


To develop human resource of SLCG to perform duties related to Search and Rescue(SAR),Maritime law enforcement and Maritime environmental protection by increasing their capacities utilizing local and foreign experts.


To design, formulate, plan, implement and evaluate the training ensuring continuous development of the human resource in SLCG.

To make aware the Coast Guard personnel about the functions of law enforcement organization including use of force continuum to perform general duties in SLCG.

To promote the duties of peer organizations which are working cooperatively with SLCG for better coordination and cooperation.

To offer necessary knowledge related to coordination and execution of Search and Rescue (SAR) operations conducting simulated table top exercises and ensuring accurate application of standard procedures during SAR missions.

To improve the understanding of protection of marine environment especially from manmade marine disasters and improving the capability of oil spill response by enhancing the skills related to oil spill recovery procedures.

To arrange for necessary knowledge about boarding procedures and maritime vessel searching in order to improve the capacity of Coast Guard personnel performing the duties as members of boarding team.

To uplift the response for different types of incidents by familiarizing Coast Guard personnel with international operational procedures and principles.

To impart basic skills on life saving, surf negotiation, small boat handling and providing basic first aid including water rescue.









The ATC starts its training for newly joined Coast Guard Personnel by starting an Acquaintance Course facilitating the changeover of basement of the duty. Then they are directed to undergo series of specific training modules to develop their knowledge and skills on areas like SAR, law enforcement and Oil spill response. Presently the School is facilitated with a classroom for 50 trainees with modern training aids such as a Digital Smart Board for the proper conduct of training programs. In addition to that, qualified instructors are nominated by the training directorate of SLCG to conduct approved annual training program. Theoretical and practical knowledge is given to trainees to uplift the confidence as qualified law enforcement official. Simulated training is conducted on board SLCGS Samudra Raksha, SLCGS Samaraksha and SLCGS Suraksha whilst at harbours and underway respectively.

Furthermore, Australian Boarder Force, Japan Coast Guard, US Coast Guard being friendly overseas law enforcement organizations are executing their respective capacity building programs for SLCG personnel with the cooperation of ATC. A Mobile Training Team also designed to be functioned under the directives of ATC and training directorate of SLCG to ensure continuous training in respective regions. Members from regional law enforcement agencies such as Indian Coast Guard and Maldives National Defence Force also benefited by attending such programs which is essential to the function of networked law enforcement effort to prevent transnational organized crimes.


Coast Guard Acquaintance Course

Incident Command System For Officers

Marine Disaster Prevention And Oil Spill Response Course

Maritime Law Enforcement And Boarding Officer Course

RFD Handling And Surf Negotiation Course

Search And Rescue Coordination And Execution Course for Officers

Search And Rescue Course For Sailors

Vessel Search Course For Coast Guard And Naval Personnel


Lifesaving Training Program (By Victoria Lifesaving- Australia)

Maritime Vessel Search Training Course (By Australian Boarder Force)

Oil Spill Incident Management Training at Open Seas (By Japan Coast Guard and JICA Sri Lanka)

Regional MLE Instructor Development Course (By US Coast Guard)


Search And Rescue Coordination And Execution Table Top Exercise

Tri Lateral Table Top Exercise