Sri Lanka Coast Guard Mobilizes Flood Relief Teams Amid Adverse Weather Conditions

In swift response to the adverse weather conditions prevailing in several parts of the island, the Sri Lanka Coast Guard has mobilized its flood relief teams in Kosgama, Hanwella, Kamburupitiya, and Akurugoda in the Western and Southern Provinces since June 2.

These dedicated teams are currently engaged in providing essential assistance to individuals affected by the floods in these regions, specifically, to evacuate the public stranded in the Western and Southern Provinces. Over the past 36 hours, these flood relief teams have successfully rescued a total of 56 individuals and have been safely transferred to secure locations.

The Coast Guard’s flood relief teams will continue to carry out rescue and relief operations with the aim of saving the lives of displaced communities. Their tireless efforts underscore the commitment of the Sri Lanka Coast Guard to protect and support the citizens during these challenging times.